Daedalus is a company focused on research, development, innovation and technology transfer in the field of Information Technology and Communications (ICT). Its activity is focuses on searching technologies, language technologies, which allow automatically check the linguistic quality of texts, and the advanced management skills.

  • STILUS Corrector
    STILUS is a spell checker, grammar and style quality to texts in Castilian, French and English developed by Daedalus. STILUS allowed to review any text written in any of these languages​​, whether a document in any word processor or a web page, and get a detailed and accurate with spelling, grammar and style tasks.

  • STILUS Traductor
    Its operation is based on one-way translation dictionaries (ie, there is one for each language pair and direction of translation) that contain translation information forms. Furthermore, in languages ​​that support it, including gender bending, number and case (for example, Castilian, to translate singular / plural and male / female). Currently available modules unidirectional and bidirectional translation between Castilian / Spanish and all co-official languages ​​(vernacular) of Spain (Catalan / Valencian, Euskera and Galician), as well as the languages​​: English, French, German, Italian and Arabic