An online translator which contains 52 languages. It has a good translation quality, at least in English-Spanish-English. It also has a quite complete translation dictionary.

SDL Trados It’s an application to create and manage translation memories. It’s also used for automatic translation by “fuzzy matching”. It can be integrated to Microsoft Word and TagEditor.

Softcatalà This web belongs to an organization which promotes the catalan language. It contains a good and efficient Catalan corrector (in itsvalencianvariant as in it’s central). The web page also includes a Ruled-based machine translator which offers the chance of translating from Catalan to Spanish and vice versa. There are also new version which are being tested (French, English and Portuguese to Catalan and vice versa) .

Systran Enterprise Server 7SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 is the only comprehensive solution capable of meeting the full range of translation needs to enterprise level. It is also the first product that works with the engine hybrid machine translation (MT) SYSTRAN, which combines the advantages of SMT and rule-based. As a result, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 meets the business expectations of quality, profitability and productivity. SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 helps turn information into knowledge reusable multilingual, which is key to success in today's global marketplace.

It is based on dictionaries of unidirectional translation (there is one per each couple of languages and translation direction) containing information of translation of forms. Besides, in the languages supporting them, they include the inflection of gender, number and case (for example, for Spanish, it translates singular/plural words and masculine/feminine words).